Benefits For Men Using Finasteride To Combat Hair Loss

Hair loss for men is a problem that creates a strong degree of fear and anxiety.

Despite wishes to the contrary and a desire to reverse the process, the experience can be devastating for many regardless of their age.

This is where the use of finasteride is commonly introduced for patients, offering a simple tablet solution that is designed to naturally reverse the process.


High Success Rate

Whether it is a diagnosed case of androgenic alopecia or signals of male pattern baldness, the inclusion of finasteride enjoys a high success rate for patients. As men age, the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (or DHT for short) begins to develop and this is the condition that is commonly linked to hair loss. The use of this medicine is specifically designed to offset DHT from developing and ensuring that the testosterone does not breakdown into this profile. Men of various ages and persuasions experience a reversal of this process as the hair begins to return.


Long-Term Solution

For those consumers seeking the miracle cure and simple pill to solve all of their hair loss in one go, then finasteride is not the medicine for them. This is a long-term solution where pills are taken on a daily basis for a period of between 6-12 months. It is an investment in hair health as men commonly do not see any results until at least the 12-week period, illustrating that the content is designed to provide authentic growth rather than expediting artificial hair growth.


Non-Obtrusive Treatment

Unlike other treatments that are on the table to combat hair loss, the use of finasteride tablets is a painless and convenient exercise. When weighed against scalp surgeries, laser treatments, expensive comb applications, hair oils and an exotic range of ointments, creams and experimental remedies, this really is a user-friendly approach to combating the problem of hair loss for men. Although these other alternatives do have their success stories, the logistics and expenses make for a major endeavour that has to be endured rather than including a tablet once a day.


Doctor Will Advise on Dosage & Progression

One of the key benefits of using finasteride as a medication is that the participant does not have to partake in this journey in isolation. Doctors and medical specialists who are in a position to pass on the referral will be in a position to advise for dosage rates and to track the progression to see how the tablets have been received. It is usually advised that recipients engage in the program for a minimum period of 6 months before an assessment is made, allowing for both parties to track the progress and make an informed decision about the dosage. This approach prevents individuals from making a call based on a whim.


Low Side Effect Rates

The side effects that have been linked to finasteride are minimal as a majority of participants have been able to use the medicine without repercussions. Yet there have been recorded instances of a lower libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, testicular pain and anxiety. Those men who remain in contact with their medical specialist during the program are advised to alert them to any such conditions. The good news is that these examples are few and far between.


The onset of hair loss goes deeper than just an aesthetic change for many men. Particularly for those in their 30s and 40s, this is an issue they want to find a genuine solution to and the inclusion of the finasteride tablet for once a day use is clearly one of the best options available on the market. This is a process that cannot be expedited with an increase in the dosage as each participant requires the patience to persist in order to get the results they seek.