Tips For Enjoying Your Family African Safari

If you have booked your flights and accommodation for your family African safari, then you would naturally be very excited and eager to get started on your trip. However, there are many obvious (and not so obvious) dangers that you would want to be aware of so you can avoid them and have the best holiday possible.

Let’s take a look at the top tips you should follow in order to have the best possible time during you family African safari.

Listen to your guide(s) at all times

two lions

When you go on your family African safari, you will be paired with one or multiple guides who are trained and experienced with taking tour groups through potentially dangerous landscapes. Because you are on foot, and not in a vehicle which offers a decent measure of protection from most animals, you will need to be much more careful when approaching animals for photography.

This is why a family African safari is recommend for people who have already been on a similar type of wildlife tourism trip before. It is generally considered more advanced because it requires more physical exertion from you and whoever you travel with, which makes it not appropriate for elderly people or small children.

The guides are there to keep you and the animals from hurting each other or otherwise causing harm. Of course, since you are smarter than a lion or a rhino there is more expectation on you to behave and avoid an incident.

Invest in comfortable shoes and clothing

While ‘roughing it’ is part of the appeal of a family African safari, it doesn’t mean you can’t do some common-sense preparation to make the experience more comfortable for you. Your choice of shoes is going to be the most important factor here, as you will want something that is durable but gives you the flexibility to keep up with the group. You also want to wear clothing that is loose but that covers you extremities so that you reduce your risk of sunburn. Needless to say, the African sun can get quite unpleasant for humans who don’t prepare for it adequately.

Go during the right season

When you book your family African safari it would be best to book it during the dry season so there’s less chance of rain and mud. The wet season can get very dangerous as the water levels flood the rivers and more animal activity occurs.

Don’t become a prisoner of your expectations

elephants in the wild

Having fun on your family African safari is about being flexible and open to what the continent is going to present you with. Trying to force things and pestering your guides to get shots of certain animals from certain angles is going to make you highly unlikeable for everyone else on the tour – don’t be that person who whinges about the experience not being exactly what they fantasised about.

With that said, why don’t you just abandon your camera at home? These animals have been photographed, videoed and drawn in every conceivable way, so would anyone even really care about your lion photos? Probably not.

Hopefully the above information is going to enable you to have the best experience possible on your family African safari. Remember that the fun you have is very much dependent on your ability to keep an open mind, be nice and enjoy the little things rather than chasing huge spectacles all the time.