Why Is The Phone A Useful Tool For Measuring Customer Satisfaction?

Above all, it should be remembered that any survey or customer satisfaction survey can only be implemented after having made the sale. And so naturally, after being out of the sales and distribution circuit of the product or service offer.

Associated with this, the idea of ​​setting up an online satisfaction questionnaire is not always an optimal or reasonable solution because it is particularly challenging to reach and involve the targeted customers if the base is too light or s’ this is to have a more direct and qualitative approach.

As a result, the use of the telephone appears as an optimal solution because it makes it possible to reach the target customers directly, and to have their reaction hot, without having time to blur their opinion thanks to a period of reflection too much. Great. Also, the fact of privileging this channel allows an individual optimization of the budget by coupling this survey or this survey with other complementary approaches such as the qualification of files or the creation of traffic in-store or on a web site, by thanking the polled for their participation with a discount coupon, for example.

A double objective that is effective in the long term, from the telephone customer satisfaction survey to the loyalty strategy

Fidelity is also a concept that is directly related to consumer behavior. During this customer journey, the consumer renews several times his purchases of products or services from the same company.

Indeed, even if this link is of a certain obviousness, there are still some customers who can experience a dissatisfaction but continue to be faithful, and vice versa. Thus, and as discussed above, the fact of privileging the telephone channel to perform the satisfaction survey allows to stop on the customer responses at time t and to deepen in detail with them. This desire to further develop their opinion and pay such attention is undoubtedly a customer loyalty engine.